Tuesday 5 July 2016

ALIEN WORMS - short film

Andrea Ricca got in touch to tell us about his short film "ALIENS WORMS", a tribute to '90s science fiction monster movies like "Tremors". Check it out on YouTube below...

The short was made by only one person: the director Andrea Ricca who did the scripting, shooting, acting, editing, special effects, 3d modellation and animation. The work is a zero budget production, it had no external contributions and it made no payements to the sharers. It was realized with the only help of a FullHD camera and a computer. Additional special effects: Emanuele Taddei (Spaceship modeling) - Tom Drinovsky (Worm modeling) - (4:00 minutes) 

For more info, visit the directors website at http://www.andrearicca.it  

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