Friday 28 March 2014

Hatchet 3 comes to UK DVD (finally)!!!

UK horror fans, the wait is almost over, as "Hatchet 3" finally arrives on UK DVD March 31st.
BJ McDonnell directs the third instalment in this series of slasher horror movies starring Kane Hodder as a bayou-dwelling serial killer. After Marybeth (Danielle Harris)'s parents were brutally murdered by the hatchet-wielding Victor Crowley (Hodder) she became consumed with the need to avenge their deaths.
Continuing on from the end of 'Hatchet 2' (2010) which saw her blow the killer's head off with a shotgun, Marybeth has since been arrested for the murders of the numerous other bodies found at the swamp. Being under the impression that they have their killer, the police are reluctant to believe her claims of a curse that enables Crowley to respawn after being killed. Can she finally convince them of Crowley's existence before he strikes again?
The film is released to UK DVD from Metrodome. No news of what extras are to be included on the disc (if any).
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