Saturday 1 March 2014

Garden of Heddon comes to US BD

“Garden of Hedon”, the noir-horror movie from the creator of “Fear of Clowns” and “Hunting Humans”, has just been released to Blu-Ray in the US.
The film centres around a detective, Owen (Richard Cutting - “National Treasure 2”),  who finds himself trapped in a house, with no way of getting out or calling for help and there's a killer on the loose murdering women. But this is no straightforward murder mystery, as supernatural elements appear to be at work...
Hedon was shot entirely in Maryland (Annapolis/Baltimore/Hanover), most of which at the famous Cloisters Castle and has received much praise from fans and critics alike. It’s been called “fresh and exciting” by Ain’t It Cool News, “a genre-bending journey into debauchery and murder” by Horrortalk and “a twisty thriller” by Night of the Living Podcast. The film also won four awards including Best Picture at the Terror Film Festival in Philadelphia.

Extras on the disc include
-10 Making Of Featurettes
-Commentary With Writer/Director Kevin Kangas, Co-Writer and Producer Luke
Theriault and Producer Robert Ziegler
-Isolated Music Track
-Easter Eggs
And more!!!!
The film is available to purchase through, but for those outside the US it will also be available to stream through Amazon, Distrify and VHX shortly.
Buy the US BD from

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