Saturday 21 September 2013

Samurais Vs Zombies film raises $19,000 in just 2 days

Dallas King, winner of a 2012 Directors Guild of America Film Award, has announced his next feature film venture, "HOZON". A Sci-Fi, Horror film in the vein of Resident Evil, with a samurai and zombie twist. After a botched DNA splicing experiment, Mr. Hozon, CEO of a Japanese bio-medical company and an expert swordsman must lead his Board of Directors out of a contaminated lab and save his sick daughter's life. The story is rooted in true events, real science, and historical characters.
Dallas shot a “concept trailer” for the film to raise funding and interest for the project. The response from the industry has been tremendous, as Dallas has officially joined the distinguished list of Hollywood Directors sponsored by PANAVISION, a leading camera equipment company with recent films like The Dark Knight, The Avengers, and the upcoming World War Z. Panavision’s support for HOZON will add hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of production value to the project. ILLUMINATION DYNAMICS (an ARRI group Company) has also come on board to sponsor equipment for the film.
Dallas’ alma mater, THE UCLA SCHOOL OF THEATER FILM AND TELEVISION, has also officially sponsored the project with Camera, Equipment, Sound Stage, and Administrative support. The Cinema Make Up School is also a sponsor of the film, providing leading FX Make Up in a department led by FX Artist Wayne Anderson (Syfy’s Face Off). Thailand based Production Company, KANTANA LAB is sponsoring the film with full POST-PRODUCTION needs including sound, color and editing. Dallas' shooting style for Hozon will resemble classic action/sci-fi cult classics. Think Alien meets The Thing. Terror and dread are captured much better in the darkness and with real blood and monsters. Dallas states,
"This one's for the fans who love Samurais, Ninjas, and Zombies; they'll get to watch man versus beast, in a battle to the death." Dallas is coming of the momentum of his last sci-fi film project, MOST WANTED (, which won 1st place for the 2012 DGA Film Awards and premiered at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood. Even with all the industry support for HOZON, the project still needs additional funding and what better way to secure that than on the crowd funding giant, KICKSTARTER. Producers Gerren Crochet and Fiorela Canaj (UCLA MFA Producers Program) have come on board the project and are asking for an additional $75,000 in crowd funding support. Rewards for donations rang from a Digital Copy of the Film to VIP Tickets to the Films Premier and even the chance to appear in the film as a zombie! This is the chance for audiences and fans to help support a truly independent film with a unique voice. The Kickstarter Campaign officially launched on September 17th, 2013 and has raised over $19,000 in 2 days!
GIRLS & CORPSES MAGAZINE, Editor, Robert Rhine has officially invested $10,000 into the campaign, making him the first Executive Producer from KICKSTARTER. Numerous sci-fi and horror fan sites have sponsored the project and HOZON is broadening its social media awareness with over 15,000 (and counting) fans on Facebook. HOZON will begin shooting in the Fall of 2013.

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