Thursday 7 March 2013

The Tall Man comes to UK disc.

Cold Rock, U.S.A., on the surface just a small town like any other. But it's residents are quietly living with a horrible truth: their children keep disappearing, leaving neither a clue nor a witness. Whilst the police are no closer to finding out why, some of the more superstitious locals whisper tales of The Tall Man, a legendary, mysterious dark figure who takes children away never to be seen again.

So when local nurse Julia (Jessica Biel - Total Recall [2012], Texas Chainsaw Massacre [2003]), wakes one night to find her son David's bed empty, all her worst fears are realised. Is the dark figure she sees escaping with David really The Tall Man?  If so, who is he and where does he take the children? And why do some of the town folk seem to know more than they are prepared to say...
Also starring William B. Davis (The X-Files) and directed by Pascal Laugier (Martyrs), THE TALL MAN (nothing to do with the character from the Phantasm films) is packed with plot twists and nail-biting tension, blurring the boundaries between horror and thriller like never before.
The Tall Man hits UK video shelves on DVD and Blu-Ray March 11th from Koch Media.
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