Friday 8 February 2013

Sleep Tight - on UK DVD

[REC] director Jaume Balaguero says “Hola Hitchcock” in this scary and darkly unsettling psychological horror thriller. Unassuming Cesar is janitor at an upscale apartment block in Barcelona. However, his quiet politeness hides a much more sinister personality. His current obsession is Clara, the new cheerful tenant on the fifth floor.
At night when Clara is fast asleep, Cesar sneaks into her flat - and bed - to appease his twisted fantasies. If only the pesky young girl down the corridor would mind her own business, and one senior citizen wouldn’t poke her nose in. But soon Cesar’s life is going to spiral out of all control due to a police investigation that threatens to ruin his whole miserable master plan…
Provocative and intense, with Spanish superstar Luis Tosar delivering a sensationally disturbing performance, the growing tension, clever twists and startling chills will keep you biting your nails.
The film is getting a limited release to UK cinemas on March 1st, followed by a DVD release on March 4th.
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