Friday, 8 July 2022

Indie horror-comedy VAMPIRE ZOMBIES…FROM SPACE! launches Kickstarter

The 1950s sci-fi spoof VAMPIRE ZOMBIES…FROM SPACE! is going into production in early August and the filmmaking team has launched their Kickstarter campaign. If you put the films of Mel Brooks, Ed Wood and the humor of South Park into a blender you’d get VAMPIRE ZOMBIES…FROM SPACE! an over-the-top comedy feature that pays homage to, and satirizes, science fiction and horror films from the past.
From the depths of space, Dracula has devised his most dastardly plan yet, turning the residents of a small American town into his personal army of vampire zombies! A motley crew consisting of a grizzled detective, hot-shot rookie cop, chain-smoking greaser, and determined young woman band together to save the world from — (see title).
The film will be directed and produced by Mike Stasko, whose past films have played in festivals around the world and have featured the likes of Fred Willard, (Anchorman, Best in Show) Ray Wise, (Twin Peaks, Robocop) Colin Mochrie, (Whose Line is it Anyway?) Tom Cavanaugh, (The Flash) Graham Greene, (Dances with Wolves) and Kevin McDonald (The Kids in the Hall, That 70s Show).
The film is co-written and co-produced by Fun Uncle comedy sketch duo’s Jakob Skrzypa, who has served as a producer for MTV/Paramount’s The Challenge, has worked on Survivor, Big Brother Canada, Nathan for You and as a remote editor for Troma entertainment.
“We have so many amazing Windsor filmmakers and artists working on this project, it's going to be a huge group effort. Any support we can get through this Kickstarter campaign will be going directly back into the community, fostering our local artists” says director Stasko. “The film is a great mix of modern raunchy comedy and classic old school cinema”, adds writer Skrzypa.
The film has secured funding, but the filmmakers have launched a Kickstarter campaign to help round out the budget and make sure it’s filled with gruesome practical effects, b-movie miniatures, and gut-busting laughs.
The Kickstarter campaign starts July 5th and runs for 30 days. 
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