Saturday 26 September 2020

Mario Covone reveals first trailer for OVERTIME

Mario Covone, writer/director of hotly anticipated feature film ‘OVERTIME’, has released the first trailer to the movie today.

The trailer comes a few days before the beginning of a Kickstarter campaign, launching Tuesday September 29th, to raise funds for the production of the Blu Ray and its special features.

"The film itself is complete and ready for distribution. I hope that this trailer will get people excited enough to pre order a copy of the Blu Ray through this Kickstarter campaign, which in turn will fund some amazing special features." – Mario Covone, Director of ‘OVERTIME’

The Kickstarter will also give fans the opportunity to buy the poster, painted by horror hall of famer Graham Humphreys, as well as the soundtrack album, featuring bands from around the world, including The Crimson Ghosts, Zombiesuckers, So Long Until The Séance and Devilsnite.

"This Kickstarter campaign is a dream for horror fans, who can pick up a new indie horror movie, discover new music from an international assortment of horror punk bands and grab a poster painted by a horror icon." – Mario Covone, Director of ‘OVERTIME’

About the film - A teacher works late into the night at school, marking papers, seemingly alone. But a presence is watching him from the shadows. Stalked through the winding corridors and trapped within, a sinister secret holds the key to his survival. No stranger to political subtext within his work, Covone’s debut movie, which he has also penned, explores the real-world issues of violence in schools, and the dangers of media scaremongering, whilst maintaining a traditional horror backdrop with twists and turns aplenty. 

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