Wednesday 16 September 2020


It’s strife on the ocean waves, as an ex-Marine comes face to face with a modern-day pirate in the psychological thriller DEAD WATER, which comes to UK Disc and Digital this October.

Wealthy doctor John Livingstone (Casper Van Dein - Starship Troopers, The Pact) is planning “a couple of days on the water, breathing the sea air”, sailing his expensive new yacht in the Virgin Islands, with his troubled buddy, former Marine David (Griff Furst - Terminator Genisys), and David’s wife Viviane (Brianne Davis - TV's True Blood) along for the trip. 

John and Viviane hope the excursion will provide David - troubled with PTSD - with some much needed rest and recreation. But, once out on the open water, tensions begin to arise, loyalties are tested, and the last thing they need is an extra passenger, in the form of the mysterious Sam McLean (Judd Nelson - TV's Empire, St Elmo's Fire), a pirate who has designs on John’s luxurious boat - even it means killing to get it.

With Van Dien as a likeable, but somewhat shady lead, Judd Nelson a remarkably shifty bad guy, and Griff Furst as a man battling to save all he holds dear, Director Chris Helton’s debut film is a sleek, impressive ninety-minutes. With pulpy B-movie thrills and unsettling mind games, in spectacular Caribbean scenery, it’s as taut as a sail rope in a force 10 gale, with more twists and turns than a rigging knot. DEAD WATER is a boat trip fans of Adrift and Dead Calm are going to want to take. 

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The film is released to DVD and Digital October 5th.

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