Saturday 14 September 2019

THE HILLS HAVE EYES PART 2 - UK BD Spec Ed review...

Wes Craven’s entertaining, though oft maligned, sequel THE HILLS HAVE EYES PART 2 makes it’s UK Blu-Ray debut this month, in an extras laden, limited special edition release from Arrow films.

Several years after the events of Part 1, a group of motocross bikers encounter a similar fate to that which befell the Carter family, when they decide to take their tour bus on a shortcut across the desert, so they can get to their race meet on time.

Subsequently breaking down near to an old mine complex in the middle of nowhere, as night falls, they are quickly set about by another group of cannibals, lead this time by a chap called Reaper (John Bloom – Dracula Vs Frankenstein) and of course Pluto, who it seems wasn’t killed at the end of the last film after all (with Michael Berryman reprising his role). Who proceed to pick them off one, by, one.

Typical 80s slasher movie fare, the film was hastily shot after Wes Craven decided he needed to make some fast cash, after a period of inactivity, and hoped to capitalise on the success of the original, which had been a huge hit on home video in the early 80s.

The film is kind of goofy, in which the teens continue to lark about and play jokes on one another, even after they’ve been attacked and some of them have gone missing, and the films low budget is rather apparent, with the run time being padded out with flashback footage of the films returning characters (including the dog, believe it or not). 

But despite its flaws, the film still proves to be wildly entertaining, albeit for the wrong reasons. With Robert Houston and Janus Blyth also reprising their roles as Bobby and Ruby. Whilst Kevin Blair (Friday the 13th Part 7 : The New Blood) and Willard Pugh (The Guyver, Robocop 2) turning up in supporting roles. 

Extras include…

Brand new audio commentary with The Hysteria Continues podcast
Blood, Sand, and Fire: The Making of The Hills Have Eyes Part II - brand new making-of documentary featuring interviews with actor Michael Berryman, actress Janus Blythe, production designer Dominick Bruno, composer Harry Manfredini and unit production manager/first assistant director John Callas
Stills gallery
Original Theatrical Trailer
6 Postcards
Reversible fold-out Poster
Limited Edition 40-page booklet featuring new writing on the film by Amanda Reyes and an archival set visit from Fangoria
Reversible sleeve featuring original and newly commissioned artwork by Paul Shipper

The Hills Have Eyes Part 2 might not be to everybody’s tastes, indeed when the original was remade in 2006, they chose a totally new plot for the 2007 sequel. So one might question the necessity of a special edition release of this.

However, Arrow films seem to have made a pretty good job of it and makes a great companion piece to their earlier Hills Have Eyes special edition.

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