Tuesday 27 August 2019


There have been many documentaries and “making-of” features made about the Alien films over the years. So many in fact, that one might question the necessity of this latest independent documentary from director Alexandre O. Philippe (Doc of the Dead, The People vs George Lucas) which comes to UK DVD this month.

This one however takes a somewhat different approach, focussing primarily on writer Dan O’ Bannon’s influences for the story. Examining the old horror comics, various films and literary works he drew inspiration from when drafting the script.

The film also looks at the various images from Greek mythology that influenced Ridely Scott’s look of the film and how Swiss artist HR Giger came to be involved in the set design. As well as looking at the cultural impact that Alien and it’s subsequent sequels have had since their release.

Featuring a mixture of brand new and archive interviews with the likes of co-writer Ron Shushet, Diane O’Bannon, editor Terry Rawlings, Co-producer Ivor Powell. Cast members Tom Skerrit, Veronica Cartwright along with the likes of film makers Roger Corman (who was originally approached to produce), Gary Sherman (Director Death Line) and critics Alan Jones (director of the 'FrightFest' horror festivals) Clarke Wolfe (of the 'Sending the Wolfe' podcast) and many others, along with clips and behind the scenes footage from the film.

Perhaps one that will appeal more to die-hard Alien fans than casual sci-fi fans, this is never-the-less a compelling study of the origins of the film, which shows that the look, feel and evolution of the film goes well beyond Director Ridley Scott’s involvement. 

MEMORY : THE ORIGINS OF ALIEN will be given a limited run in selected cinemas August 30th, before it’s DVD release on the 2nd September. 

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