Wednesday 21 August 2019


The Krites, those carnivorous alien furballs from Critters (1986), are back in Critters Attack, which comes to UK Disc and Digital outlets this month from Warner.

When an Alien spacecreaft crashes just outside a remote country town in the American South, the occupants, who rather resemble nasty looking furry hedgehogs, proceed to wreak havoc in the surrounding countryside. Chowing down on anything and everything they can find.

Unfortunately for teenager Drea (Tara Washington – Shaft [2019] ), she decides to take the kids she’s minding for walk in the countryside and they quickly find themselves being chased around by the carnivorous Critters.

Aided by a seemingly friendly female Critter they name Bianca, the group try to to make it to the safety of the nearby university. But help also comes from an unlikely source, as it seems someone has been waiting for the arrival of these critters and has a whole high tech arsenal ready to take them out.

Also starring Dee Wallace from the original film, in a somewhat different role. I found Critters Attack to be bloody good fun, which fans of the originals should enjoy.

The Blu-Ray comes with the following special features

Engineering Gore : Designing Critters (Featurette)
Critters : An out of this world experience (Featurette)
The Critter Ball (Featurette)
Scene Specific Commentary with Director Bobby Miller and a Critter 

The DVD release apparently contains these same features.

 CRITTERS ATTACK is released to UK BD and DVD August 26th.

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