Tuesday 3 November 2015

"The Stranger" comes to UK VOD and DVD

From established producer Eli Roth and acclaimed new director Guillermo Amoedo comes a new strain of fear...
In The Stranger, a mysterious man named Martin arrives at a small town at the end of nowhere. He is there to eradicate a highly contagious and dangerous disease that makes sufferers addicted to human blood. His plan is to kill his wife Ana who suffers from the disease but he soon discovers Ana has been dead for a couple of years.
He decides to commit suicide to eradicate the disease once and for all but is brutally attacked by three local thugs led by Caleb, the son of a corrupt police lieutenant - and the incident starts a series of events that will plunge the community into a bloodbath...
The Stranger is Directed by Guillermo Amoedo (Aftershock, The Green Inferno) and Produced by Eli Roth (Cabin Fever, Hostel, The Green Inferno, Knock Knock).
Koch Media Presents The Stranger on UK VOD 5th October and UK DVD 16th November
View the trailer on YouTube
Pre-order the UK DVD from Amazon.co.uk

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