Thursday 5 November 2015

Heavy Metal Magazine releases "Horror Special" for issue #277

The issue, which hits comic stores today, features a horror theme and duel covers by Luis Royo and Skinner
To coincide with the Halloween Season, guest editor Frank Forte presents Heavy Metal Magazine #277, the October "Horror Special". Korean Comics master Silvester Song debuts in HM with a dark tale of horror in space called “THE TRANSACTION”. Steve Mannion presents an all-new science fiction tale entitled “DIRT.”  Ben Olson renders the post-apocalyptic "HALLOWEEN WEDDING". Robert S. Rhine and David Hartman deliver "MONKEY GRINDER" where a trained monkey is anything but fun and games. Dwayne Harris gives us "ROCKET REPO:SHIP OF GHOULS"  where a Starship Repo specialist finds out the ship she was sent to repo has already been possessed… by an alien virus!
William Broad and David Zuzelo cough up "ACSENSION OF THE BLACK DEATH" a tribute to classic Italian shock horror films. In "MARY LOU" mobsters descend on a home who's owner refuses to leave, with catastrophic results--by Craig Wilson. Owen Mackinder and Daniel Bradford  bring forth a Lovecraftian tale “BRUTALITE”. Frank Forte and Nenad Gucunja bring forth the mutant splatterfest known as “DTOX” Also continuing the fifth Chapter of "The 49th Key".  Other tales of Sci-Fi and horror by Jeff Rebner, Jason Paulos, Kevin Colden and Katrina Kuntsmann. Art Galleries by Christopher Ulrich and Skinner.  A must for all horror fans! This issue features a cover by Luis Royo and a special edition cover by Skinner.
World's foremost adult fantasy illustrated magazine.  First published in 1977, Heavy Metal, the Premier Adult Illustrated Fantasy Magazine, explores fantastic and surrealistic worlds, past present and future. Illustrators from around the world take you to places you never dreamed existed.  Heavy Metal magazine is now published six times per year. Most issues feature one serialized graphic novel, several short stories, an artist gallery and artist studio section, a dossier and editorial pages.
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