Wednesday 28 January 2015

"The Butchers" - US DVD review.

Steven Judd’s “The Butchers” is out now on DVD in the US and distributors Uncork’d Entertainment were nice enough to send me a screener copy to review.
A group of people on a long distance bus journey get their ride cut short when the bus breaks down close to an offbeat roadside attraction. Venturing inside for help they find no sign of the owner, only his grotesque collection of waxworks which appear to be based on real life serial killers.
As night falls, they find that these waxworks may have a life of their own, as they find themselves being picked off by the likes of Jack the Ripper, John Wayne Gacey and Jeffrey Dhamer, to name but a few.
Directed by upcoming director Steven Judd, and starring Damien Puckler (TVs “Grimm”), the film is basically another take on the old “House of Wax” and I can’t help but wonder if the 1988 film “Waxwork” might have been an influence here, which also featured murderous waxworks attacking unwitting visitors.
The film is fairly low budget, but proves relatively entertaining. I found the Aunt May character, as played by Mara Hall (TV’s "Grey’s Anatomy") to be highly amusing and it was kind of fun seeing all these historical serial killers squaring off against each other as they try to sort out who’s turn it is to kill the next victim.
The film is out now on US DVD and can be purchased from

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