Friday 9 January 2015

"Awake in the Woods" gets worldwide distribution deal

"Awake in the Woods" is set to thrill horror fans worldwide! Shami Media Group, Inc., a distribution, marketing, and media leader in worldwide film distribution, recently acquired the film and has set a official release date of May 19th 2015.

The film tells the story of how the Woods in Marion N.Y. have a past. Locals are creeped out just by driving by, most fear going near them while some swear by the story and believe the legend of the Marion woods. Hunters report unusual activity, hikers describe chilling experiences , parents warn their children to avoid the woods, and the lucky few who survive the woods alone have all gone insane.
When a young girl Madelaine (Madelaine Kemp - "A Fight For Survival") does not heed her parents warning, she goes missing in the woods. Three friends Ronnie (Theresa Galeani - "I Am Legend"), Derek (Keith Collins - "Gravedigger","The Jersey Devil"), & Tucker (Nicholas Boise - "A Fight For Survival") decide to document their search for the truth. What they witness can't be explained. In the end only one is left wandering, Awake In The Woods!

The film is directed by, Nicholas Boise
Shami Media Group is led by film veteran Bob Shami who has been in the film distribution business for over 15 years. Their movies are currently found in retailers such as, F.Y.E., Best Buy, Tower, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Sears, Kmart, MVD, Walmart, Target, Frys, Baker & Taylor, Red Box, iTunes and Netflix. They will now be adding "Awake in the Woods" to their catalogue of outstanding films.
"Awake in the Woods" is set to be released worldwide on May 19th 2015.

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