Wednesday 3 July 2013

Thousands Apply to be Part of Essex Zombie Film

Death Walks is a new zero budget movie set in a Romford Shopping Centre. The concept, a zombie invasion movie that is so much the rage at the moment. However director Spencer Hawken vows to put a spin on things.
The change in concept has clearly captivated the imaginations of not just Essex, but counties all across the UK. In a county that has at least four zombie movies in various stages of development, Death Walks secret concept has horror fans speculating the outcome.
"I've had people contact me telling me they know the mystery behind Death Walks, but every single one of them has been wrong, I'm fairly sure horror fans will blow a gasket when they see what I have done".
It's not just the movie that is different. Not wanting to go down the fundraising route, the film-maker has gone out to the public creating a community project, via what the director calls resource funding. The idea is that nobody comes up with any cash, people are instead donating resources in the form of time or products in exchange for a little movie action.
The Mercury Mall in Romford have donated their shopping centre, security firm AEJ have given labour to manage the films security, Gloucester based Vantage Video, and Essex based LoveOne Productions are going to shoot the film. Aylesbury special effects and make up company Morgotha are going to provide the blood and guts. While established and new actors are giving their acting talent in the 23 principle roles and over 200 people mainly from the community of Romford including a 93 year old man and a pregnant woman, have already signed up to star as zombies in the film. Film student Alexander McNeil has offered his services as the movies editor. And dozens of individuals like Michelle Horne, Mo Mousavi, and Hardy Saleh have opted to jump aboard to help out behind the camera.
Death Walk's begins films in July, but it's here that the final unusual aspect comes. The movie will be shot over the course of just 14 hours, thanks to multiple film crews. The makers have a plan to complete the editing with enough time to submit the movie onto the festival circuit in 2014.
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