Wednesday 31 July 2013

“HAUNTED” – “Ghost Face” Appears For Real In Horror Film! :)

Steven M. Smith’s Greenway Entertainment got the shock of their lives when they reviewed the rushes for their latest feature film HAUNTED.
A “GHOST FACE” appears for real, scaring the life out of one of the paranormal investigators.
Steven M. Smith said, “We couldn’t believe it! There it was and it was real, a man’s face looking in through the window to the underground train, impossible, as the train was in a building on a six foot high stand 10 foot off the ground!”
Freddie Fuller (The investigator who witnessed the Ghost Face up close) said, “I was in there (underground train) for less then a minute on my own and then there it was…I just legged it and screamed like a girl, which I am not proud of…”

View the clip for yourself below...

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