Saturday 20 July 2013

Facility 31 promises underground chills....

Producer Mark Kenna of Bad Blood films recently got in touch to tell us about his new film "Facility 31" which is currently in production.
The story revolves around a group of military prisoners who are tasked with cleaning a remote, dilapidated military bunker. One of the prisoners is a dishonored medical doctor named Rosie, she thinks her worst nightmares have come true when the officer in charge is the same person who court martialled her.
But when a power surge hits the facility, a lockdown traps them inside. With this and the disappearance of another prisoner, comes the sinking realisation that there is something sinister in the depths of the facility and all is not what it seems… -
The script has been written by director David Hawk, a lifelong fan of the horror genre, who actually secured the filming location for the story, which is at a genuine disused military bunker. "Facility 31" is one of 5 films that Bad Blood films currently have in production, more news on this and the other titles when it becomes available.
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