Monday 29 July 2013

Side Effects - UK Blu-Ray/DVD review

"Side Effects" is out now on DVD and Blu-Ray and was asked to give the discs the once over.
The film stars Rooney Mara (Girl With the Dragon Tattoo) as Emily Taylor, a depressed housewife who's been put under the care of Psychiatrist Johnathon Banks (Jude Law - Contagion), following a failed suicide attempt.
Having tried various anti-depressants without success, he suggests a new trial drug that's just come out on the market, Ablixa. Unfortunately, when she stabs her husband to death in a drug induced sleepwalking state, he finds his otherwise unblemished career suddenly dragged through the mud.

As her actions were deemed to be a side effect of the drugs she was on, she's sent to a psychiatric hospital, rather than prison. But with his career in medicine suddenly in tatters, Dr Banks decides to do a little digging to find out what went wrong and begins to suspect that she and her previous psychologist Dr Siebert (played by Catherine Zeta Jones - Red 2) are involved in an elaborate scam.

The film is not really a horror, but a very well made psychological thriller. You're never really too sure whether Jude Law's character is actually onto something, or whether he's so desparate to clear his name, that he's clutching at conspiracy theories.
Overall, I quite enjoyed it. If you're into Hitchcock style thrillers, this one should appeal.
The screener I was sent was devoid of extras and there's no news on what additional features might be included on the disc (if any). But if you're not worried about supplemental material, then I'd definitely advise picking this one up.
"Side Effects" is out now on DVD and Blu-Ray from eOne entertainment.
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