Sunday 30 June 2013

Blind Director releases his first horror film!

Movie history is made this week with the release of The Bunker, the groundbreaking debut film from writer Joseph M. Monks, the world's first blind film director. Commodity Films releases the DVD June 14th domestically through their website, with streaming and IPTV releases scheduled for Autumn.
When Julia Jennings (newcomer Saskia Gonzalez) runs away from home on the eve her father announces his bid for reelection to congress, she gets more than she bargained for when a sadistic madman (Flesh For The Beast’s Terry M. West) snatches her off the street. Awakening to the nightmare of being trapped in an underground cell where every move is monitored by her maniacal tormentor, Julia begins to formulate a desperate, all-or-nothing plan to escape.
While concerned parents Robert and Amelia (Ron Sheppard and Law & Order: SVU’s Teresa Vicario) try to keep the scandal from the media-even hiring an organized crime figure to help find their missing daughter-time has already begun to run out. Knowing that a date has been set for her slaughter, every second that ticks away brings the frightened teen closer to a grisly demise.
The film, which boasts CLERKS' Kevin Smith as an executive producer (Smith came on board during Monks' Kickstarter campaign to help him finance Los Angeles reshoots), has garnered critical praise from the likes of FANGORIA features writer Tom Carnell, Rue Morgue,'s Joe Belcastro and The Hacker's Source, and Monks taking home the Achievement in Cinema award at the Gasparilla International Film Festival, expectations are high for the ambitious indie.
The film is available to buy on DVD through the films official website (see link below). A making of special, trailers and a production stills feature are included as extras.
The movie is set for foreign release in multiple territories, starting with Germany (where it was released as "Pray for Dawn") on June 21.

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