Thursday 29 July 2021

ARROW PLAYER goes to Hollyweird this August

In August, ARROW premieres a superb Tinseltown satire, exclusive short films, Hobgoblins, Final Girls and Video Nasties!

Key highlights this August on the essential, alternative streaming service ARROW include the exclusive premiere of brilliantly inventive comedy gem debut MAN UNDER TABLE, Elliot Page facing the aftermath of a virus in THE CURED, Justin Kurtzel’s devastating masterpiece THE SNOWTOWN MURDERS, the classic music documentary on genius singer/songwriter DANIEL JOHNSON, Korean ghost stories, Japanese erotic horror, drug dealers onscreen, Folk Horror classics, a season of subterranean beasties, B-movie mayhem, and so much more... 

The feature debut from writer/director Noel David Taylor, MAN UNDER TABLE is a wildly inventive and original fantasy comedy, premiering exclusively on ARROW. Set against the backdrop of a crumbling dystopian Los Angeles, it pushes a spotlight onto the endlessly bizarre world of the Hollywood movie industry where things are never easy, dreams are crushed, content is king, and you’ll need to wear a gasmask to cope with the unnamed toxins in the polluted green.

The stylishly shot, and genuinely scary Korean chiller A TALE OF TWO SISTERS, directed by Kim Jee-woon (A Bittersweet Life, I Saw The Devil), about dark secrets in a family's past, is a devastating mix of style, scares and emotive storytelling that blurs the boundaries between genres and has had a profound influence on a new generation of filmmakers.

TV highlights for August include Season 2 of the superlative IRENE HUSS, based on the acclaimed books by Swedish author Helene Tursten, featuring six more feature-length episodes following a female police investigator in Gothenburg played by Angela Kovacs (Spring Tide, Wallander) and HASSEL, starring the amazing Ola Rapace (Skyfall) as a street smart detective who finds himself knee deep in corruption.

ALSO SHOWING: THE RICK SLOANE COLLECTION VOL 1, the grotesque and macabre BLIND BEAST, psychological thriller FINAL GIRL, women in prison, women on the run and out of control female cops, as well as sex-starved demons, cult hit SUTURE and more...


New Titles – From August 1

Irene Huss Season 2 (TV)

New Titles – From August 2

Man Under Table
Blind Beast
Final Girl
A Tale of Two Sisters
The Devil and Daniel Johnson
The Snowtown Murders

New Titles – From August 6

The Cured 

New Titles – From August 13

Goodbye Old Friend (Short film)
Mamma Don’t Go (Short film)
Vice Academy
Vice Academy Part 2
Vice Academy Part 3
The Visitants
Blood Theater

New Titles – From August 16 

Video Nasties: Moral Panic, Censorship and Videotape
Video Nasties: Draconian Days

New Titles – From August 20

Wonder Woman
Fugitive Girls
Sweet Sugar 

New Seasons this August


BAN THIS SICK FILTH PRESENTS: MORAL OUTRAGE - There really is no end to your depravity, is there? Well, it's good to see you returning to us so soon nonetheless. Now sit down, back nice and straight, and prepare yourself for more sinful and sick filth from the most warped and depraved minds. 'Moral Outrage' features disgusting films that star scream queens and former porn stars and contain dollops of dirty heavy metal and lashings of sadistic sexploitation. Documentaries are also abounding, in fact, there are some particular favourites of mine which record the wonderful attempts in the UK to ban heinous horror video cassettes. Such a shame you all never learn.

Titles include: Vice Academy,Video Nasties: Moral Panic, Censorship and Videotape, Orgies of Edo, Underwater Love

ARROW Extreme - A season that collects together all of our toughest watches. These titles will punish you and push you to the edge, but you will absolutely never ever forget having seen any of them. Don’t expect anything in here to pull any punches, this is a season of ferocious feature films that will shock and shake you, full of imagery that will sear itself onto your subconscious and take you places you never thought yourself brave enough to peek at from between your fingers. No body, theme or subject matter is left viciously unexplored by directors such as Lars von Trier, Abel Ferrara, Takashi Miike and Jörg Buttgereit in this collection of films that will leave you reeling and thinking for hours afterwards. ARROW Extreme is trigger warning city, population: all the coolest and most controversial creators on the planet.

Titles include: The House that Jack Built, Audition, Nekromantik, Nekromantik 2, Island of Death, Toys are not for Children 


YOUR OWN SUPPLY - Antihero drug dealers and users lead the line in a selection of ARROW films where class A distributors and dabblers are at the heart of the narcotics dusted action.

Titles include: King of New York, Mega Time Squad, The Hooked Generation 


WHAT THE FOLK?- Folk horror is so hot right now, and we at ARROW have obviously got a killer collection of countryside crackers that focus on the witch-y and the power of nature; where the ritualistic, rural darkness and folklore combine to create a unique streak of pastoral terror.

Titles include: Season of the Witch, Hagazussa, Dark August, The Ballad of Narayama


GOING UNDERGROUND - You may be tempted to delve beneath the earth in search of cooler temperatures this summer, but beware what lurks in the lonely places the daylight doesn't reach. The Going Underground collection features caves full of terrors, bodies secreted below floorboards and even subterranean public transportation is not safe - be it the sewers below New York or the London Underground, there are things down there that are waiting for you. And they are very, very hungry

Titles include: Trapped Alive, The Witch Who Came From the Sea, The Cold Light of Day, In the Aftermath 

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