Tuesday 19 February 2019

CAMP DEATH III breaks 2 dumb world records.

In a final (and admittedly shameless) attempt to conjure up interest in the Canadian horror-comedy film 'Camp Death III in 2D!', which is out now on VOD, the film makers have simultaneously broken two moronic world records.

The dual World Records for 'Shortest Movie Trailer' and 'Longest Movie Trailer' have been submitted to both Record Setter and Guinness World Records.

“These records will undoubtedly not fill cast and crew with pride” declared 'Camp Death III in 2D!' Director, Matt Frame, “However, they do perfectly fit into the theme of the movie: abject stupidity!” Both trailers are online and available to view.

The record for 'Shortest Movie Trailer' was set with a trailer clocking in at just 500 Milliseconds.

The record for 'Longest Movie Trailer' was set with a trailer clocking in at 7 hours, 20 minutes, and 1 second, beating the previous Guinness World Record Holder (Swedish director Anders Weberg for his experimental film 'Ambiance') by a mere one second.

“Hopefully Anders doesn't see the one second thing as a slap in the face,” stated Frame “then again, his movie 'Ambiance' has a runtime of 720 hours (30 days.) He should probably get used to people wanting to pummel him.”

'Camp Death III in 2D!' is a comedy-horror parody of 'Friday the 13th Part III 3D' that has enjoyed a successful festival run since September, racking up 15 acceptances, 4 awards, and several nominations. 

You can read my review of the film HERE

The film is out now ad available digitally via Amazon Prime and Vimeo on Demand. Direct links:

Amazon Prime: www.campdeath3.com
Vimeo-on-Demand: www.vimeo.campdeath3.com

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