Friday 28 September 2018

CAMP DEATH III in 2D - A Review

Canadian film maker Matt Frame's loving mickey-take out of the Friday the 13th films , CAMP DEATH III in 2D, which has apparently been 4 years in the making, is finally preparing to hit the festival circuits. And he very kindly sent me a screener to review.

Set at the interestingly named Camp Crystal Meth, a summer camp for the "woefully retarded" (clearly the director isn't worried about being politically correct here), the owners are hoping to put its blood drenched past behind it and turn it into a fully functioning summer camp once more.

Though its not helped by the camps grumpy owner, who cheerfuly goes around abusing the kids and staff, making fun of their disabilities and ethnicities. Much to the chagrin of his nephew whose trying to run the place.

But, to make matters worse, seems there's a serial killer on the loose once more. Who appears to be wearing a Michael Myers mask turned inside out, who proceeds to start offing the kids in a variety of rather silly ways.

Some of the more interesting deaths include...

Death by Toilet plunger
Death by Glove Puppet
Death by Electric Strimmer
Death by Cocaine snorting squirrel

Along with a rather silly bike chase through the forest, parodying a scene from Return of the Jedi.

There's a lot of the references to the various Friday the 13th and other 80s slasher movies . For example, one of the caretakers is called Crapsey, a reference to Cropsey from the Burning, another character is Shelby, presumably a reference to Shelly from Friday the 13th part 3 and the camp being for people with mental problems, presumbly a reference to Friday Part 5. But, unless you are an aficionado of 80s slasher movies, you probably won't get all the jokes.

Filmed for a mere, $35,000 Canadian Dollars, using a lot of local actors who've appeared in other independant B-movies. It's a very silly film for sure, the acting might not be the best and probably won't be most people's cup of tea. But it would be unfair to write this off as a poor man's "Scary Movie". 

I'm sure it will play well on the festival circuit. So if you are a fan of 80s slashers and get the chance to see it,  check it out.

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