Wednesday 23 August 2017

REALM OF THE DAMNED hits digital.

The monsters have won. Our world now belongs to them. Realm of the Damned: Tenebris Deos is a new UK animated motion comic of pure Black Metal horror that unleashes the classic gothic monsters on a modern rampage of redemption and damnation. Raw, fast-paced and bristling with atmosphere, this is a bloody and blasphemous epic that leaves no church unburned.

Realm of the Damned is available now for free on Amazon Prime. Or on Swigit with exclusive Cradle of Filth track 'You Will Know the Lion By His Claw' from new album Cryptoriana - The Seductiveness Of Decay.

Marking the first in an upcoming three-part series, Realm of the Damned - Tenebris Deosis is an animated motion comic adventure starring voice talent David Vincent (Morbid Angel), Dani Filth (Cradle of Filth) Jill Janus (Huntress) and Steve Beatty (October File).

Directed by Tom Paton based on the Graphic Novel with Original Story by Alec Worley. Animation by Craig Hinde & Reece Saunders. Produced by Tom Lind & Steve Beatty and Executive Produced by Jeremy Davis. Soundtrack by Sons of Balaur & Max Weiry.

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