Monday 28 August 2017

Eat Locals - Review

Actor Jason Flemyng (Snatch, TV’s Primeval) goes behind the camera this time to bring us his directorial debut with the vampire comedy “Eat Locals”, which had its UK premiere at this years Frightfest and comes to UK VOD September and to UK disc in October.

A group of vampires, which includes genre regular Tony Curran (Underworld : Rise of the Lycans), and TV actresses Freema Agyeman (Dr Who) and Annette Crosbie (One Foot in the Grave) are having a meeting at a remote farmhouse and welcoming their unwitting new member, Sebastian (Billy Cook – Hooligan Factory), into the fold.

Unfortunately, it seems that Sebastian isn’t too interested in becoming a creature of the night, which causes a number of problems with what to do with him next.

But trying to escape proves no easy task, as not only are the vampires a lot quicker on their feet, but it turns out the whole place is surrounded by an elite special forces unit, planning to wipe out everyone inside. Plus there are the farm owners, who the vampires have trussed up in the cellar, played by Dexter Fletcher (Layer Cake) and Ruth Jones (TVs Gavin and Stacey) who turn out to be just as blood thirsty as their vampire captors.

Chaos and hilarity subsequently ensue as the soldiers attack, the farm owners try to escape and poor Sebastian doesn’t know which way to run.

Also starring Charlie Cox (TVs Dare Devil) and Vincent Regan (Lockout), "Eat Locals" is brilliant fun. It's action packed, bloody hilarious and easily one of my favourite films of the year so far! If you enjoyed “What we do in the Shadows” you’ll love this. The end credits also tease us with the promise of a sequel. So lets hope that gets made soon!

"Eat Locals" comes to UK VOD Digital outlets Sept 1, followed by its Disc and other Digital releases October 30th.

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