Sunday 28 February 2016

"The Last Witch Hunter" - UK BD review

Vin Diesel stars in a distinctly un-fast or furious role, as a character that would give Buffy the Vampire Slayer a run for her money, in the dark, high-octane thriller “The Last Witch Hunter”, which is out now on Digital, and is released to UK BD and DVD March 7th

In this, Diesel plays Kaulder, a modern day witch-hunter, who’s been cursed with immortality, following an unfortunate incident with a witch-queen during the middle ages. Working for a church group, who call themselves the Axe and Cross, he goes around New York City tracking down witches who abuse their powers.

So when his assistant, a priest named Dolan (Michael Caine - Dark Knight trilogy), mysteriously dies, he suspects foul play. Aided by a younger priest (Eilijah Wood - Maniac) and a witch named Chloe (Rose Leslie - TVs Downton Abby), they discover dark forces are at work and a former nemesis may be not be as dead as they originally thought…

Vin Diesel plays the usual wise cracking tough guy, this time battling occult forces, and I thought Michael Caine and Elijah Wood were aptly cast as the wise old priest and inexperienced newcomer respectively. Rose Leslie's character was also very likeable as the sympathetic witch. I'm sad to say that the film has received some negative reviews in the press, which I think is a bit unfair as I thought it was great fun.

Extras on the disc include…

Audio commentary track with director Breck Eisner

Crafting Magic – A 30 minute making of feature, including behind the scenes footage and interviews with the cast and crew.

Animated shorts – 4 animated short films, filling in the backstory behind the formation of the Axe and Cross hunters to combat the rise of witchcraft, narrated by Michael Caine.

Sizzle reel – a collection of promo clips, set to the tune of “Paint it Black” (which can also be heard on the end credits) with narration by Michael Caine.

Deleted scenes – lastly you get a couple of deleted/extended scenes that were trimmed from the film.

This review is of the Blu-Ray release, but the film is also available on DVD. 

If you supernatural thrillers, "The Last Witch Hunter" comes highly recommended.

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