Wednesday 29 April 2015

Robin Hardy to introduce "Wicker Man" screening with real Wicker Man burning

On 2nd May at The Verulam Arms pub in St Albans (UK), there will be a celebration of the onset of Spring in true pagan fashion.
There'll be feasting and fun all day, with special beer flavoured with foraged woodruff (a traditional May delicacy in Germanic cultures). Morris Dancers, a visit from the mythical Green Man (the personification of greenery returning to the fields and forests), and, finally, taking California's burning man festival back to its English historical roots, the ceremonial burning of a wicker man.
Yes, really.
 Then, to top it all off, There's a screening the restored final cut of "The Wicker Man", introduced for us by our guest of honour, Robin Hardy, the director of the film!
There'll also be music from The Princes in the Tower, who are quickly becoming their resident medieval troubadours.
 Midday - 6pm: Feasting and fun, games and music
 6pm: Princes in the Tower play first set of medieval tunes.
 8pm: The lighting of the wicker man, evocatively accompanied by more music from the Princes.
 9pm: Screening of The Final Cut of The Wicker Man, introduced by Robin Hardy, the director of the film!

The event takes place at...

The Verulam Arms
41 Lower Dagnall Street
St Albans (UK)

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