Thursday 9 April 2015

"Mean Streets" comes to UK BD in May

OK, not strictly horror, but one for cult movie fans. Martin Scorsese's "Mean Streets" will be released to special edition Blu-Ray and DVD in the UK this May.
One of the director’s most personal and powerful films, Mean Streets stars De Niro and Keitel as Johnny Boy and Charlie, Italian-American cousins, small time criminals hustling, fighting and carousing, doing whatever it takes to survive in the rough and ready New York neighbourhoods.
Johnny Boy seems to spend his life getting into trouble, leaving the slightly older, and wiser Charlie to get him out of it. Charlie wants to make enough money to buy a restaurant, and he wants to drum some sense into Johnny Boy. But when Johnny Boy reneges on a debt to a loan shark, things get nasty, and the cousins find themselves having to flee a hired killer.
If you like Tarantino, The Sopranos, Boardwalk Empire... well, this is where it all started, with Scorsese’s blistering Hollywood calling card.
Extras on the discs include...

- Audio commentary featuring director Martin Scorsese, actress Amy Robinson and co-writer Mardik Martin
- Vintage Featurette: "Back on the Block"
- Theatrical trailer

The film hits UK shelves May 18th from Icon Home Entertainment.

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