Wednesday 29 April 2015

"Deadly Waters" - A review

“Deadly Waters” marks the feature film directorial debut of Catherine Carpenter and Tyler-James, who shared dual directing duties on the film and they were kind enough to send me a copy to take a look at.
Set at a remote coastal resort (actually Brighton), a young couple head on down to the beach one evening, for a bit of late night rumpy-pumpy and in doing so, break the cardinal sin of having sex in a horror film. As a result, the 2 are subsequently slaughtered mid-coitus, by something mysterious that emerges from the water (and no, it isn’t Ariel the Little Mermaid).
Anyway, a young reporter, Jake (Bruce Langley), has been investigating the deaths to see if there’s anything to tie them to a number of other mysterious disappearances there over the years. 
Some of the old folk tell tales about mysterious creatures that live in the waters of their coastal town, but of course, no one takes them seriously. But when Jake finds himself lured to the beach one evening, by the sound of a mysterious, yet enchanting, song and encounters a mysterious girl. He finds that its never wise to ignore the ramblings of the local loony/wise old sage in a horror film.
This marks the start of a series of bizarre encounters and even more bizarre series of deaths in the town and it seems his latest news story might just be the death of him yet!
Filmed on practically a zero budget, the directors make the best of their limited means. The film is competently shot and I liked the concept of the so called ‘monsters’ in the film being Sirens (kind of like Mermaids), who are based on creatures from Greek mythology.
The cast features a lot of first time actors, who make an OK job at delivering their lines and telling the story. But as you would expect, its not quite Royal Shakespear company standards.
I do think the film would have worked better in a more remote location though, like a small Cornish fishing village or something, as opposed to a big tourist resort like Brighton. However, when you’re working with limited means, you have to do the best with what’s available and I think the film makers did a more than respectable job in that respect.
To summarise, I liked the films central premise and feel the film makers did a good job bringing their idea to the screen with the means available. But whether you will like this film will greatly depend on whether you like these ultra low budget indie horrors.
I will say though, that this is certainly the most terrifying movie to be filmed in Brighton since “Carry on Girls” (oh my singular wit) and I look forward to seeing their next movie!
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