Monday 20 April 2015

"Mankinds Last Stand" - Out Now on UK DVD!

From visual effects maestro-turned-director Jabbar Raisani (Game of Thrones, Predators) comes a new style of science-fiction thriller – a gritty, high-octane tale of survival against alien invaders.
In 2033, mankind has barely survived a war against an alien force known as ‘Heavies’. Now, with the planet battered and scorched, military forces fight against the last surviving Heavies who remain on Earth.
When a documentary crew joins an elite band of soldiers at the dangerous Outpost 37, they soon discover the alien menace is planning a second invasion – and they’re the only ones who can stop it and ensure the survival of humankind!
With B-movie legend Adrian Paul (TV’s very own Highlander) leading a cast of young, exciting talent into the fray, "Mankind’s Last Stand" is a battle not to be missed!
The film is out now on DVD from Entertainment One. Extras include a Making Of feature and Deleted Scenes.

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