Friday 10 April 2015

Can you help Krampus The Devil Return?

The people behind the 2013 film "Krampus : The Christmas Devil" are working on a sequel and are looking to fans of the original to help get it off the ground.
In "Krampus: The Devil Returns", Snowdog Studios are looking to bring Krampus back to continue punishing children who've made the naughty list for Christmas. But Jeremy, your favourite character from the original, will be back on the case. After having been kidnapped by Krampus and escaping even as his entire family "disappeared", he's helping the authorities bring Krampus' reign of holiday terror to an end.  
After the first Krampus movie, Snowdog Studios realized what an amazing group of fans they had and want them to be a bigger part of the whole process from start to finish this time around.
The big studios won't financially back the movie they want to make and the movie you want them to make. That's where you come in.
More details on how to get involved and the list of rewards available for the various levels of donations can be found at the Fanbacked Krampus Page

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