Monday 13 April 2015

"Blood" - a short film review

Director Zach Lorkiewicz of Count the Clock productions got in touch to tell us about his latest short film “Blood”, which is waiting for submission to the festival circuit and asked if I’d give it the once over.
The film revolves around a serial killer, played by Dave Belden, who has something of an obsessive compulsive disorder. But even more strangely, has an intense phobia about blood. Even the sight of the slightest drop of it causes him to be violently ill and forces him to scrub everything down with bleach. Not a good disposition for someone who likes murdering people.
But, after claiming his latest victim, he gets a nasty surprise when blood patches start mysteriously appearing in his apartment. Seems supernatural elements are at work and a lot of angry former victims are looking at exacting a ‘bloody’ revenge…
Clocking in at around 10 mins, the director manages to cram a lot of storytelling into that time, whilst allowing the plot to unfold slowly. There’s minimal dialogue, instead relying on visual clues to inform the viewer as to what is going on, and overall, I was quite impressed.
The film should be out on the festival circuit later this year. If you get the chance, I’d recommend checking it out.

For more information visit his Website and the films official Facebook page.

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