Friday 29 November 2013

"Lifeforce" - TV series in the works?

According to,  Beverly Hills-based Ringleader Studios (The Amityville Horror: The Lost Tapes) has acquired the rights to adapt Colin Wilson’s 1976 novel "The Space Vampires" for a television series.
The plot follows a group of astronauts who discover a derelict spaceship and return to Earth with three humanoid aliens, which turn out to be some sort of alien vampire creatures, that unleash a life-sucking plague upon humanity.
The intergalactic sci-fi tale previously got the feature film treatment in Tobe Hooper’s 1985 pic "Lifeforce", which starred Steve Railsback, Patrick Stewart, and Mathilda May. Ringleader is plotting a small-screen episodic series, also titled Lifeforce, as well as a graphic novel, video game, and additional media tie-ins.
The original film by Tobe Hooper was not well received upon its initial theatrical run, but later gained a cult following on home video. What with the current slew of vampire shows on TV, such as "True Blood" and "Vampire Diaries", Ringleader Studios are obviously looking to ape their success, without being too derivative, by injecting a different twist on the classic vampire story.
As a fan of the original movie, I shall be keeping an eye on the progress of this with some interest.
If you haven't seen the original film, checkout the trailer on YouTube.

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