Friday 22 November 2013

"Death Walks" wraps filming!

For those of you here that have been following the progress of the new zombie film "Death Walks" (which I have a brief role in as a zombie), you will be interested to hear that production has finally wrapped and the film has moved onto the editing stage.

Originally due to be shot over a period of 24 hours. Instead it was filmed from 15th of July to the 17th of November, but director Spencer Hawken claims the look is now better. The achievement for Death Walks is that it never cost a single penny to make, everything including insurance was given free of charge, or obtained on a contra basis.

"It's been a strange few months, first we shot a film for absolutely no cost thanks to the generosity of Romford's Mercury Mall, then we acquired a cast of legends in their own arena's, and finally a supporting cast and crew of almost 1000 who came back week after week for no cost to complete the task. During the process I was awarded funding for future projects, found work for many of our team, created a partnership with Lucinda Rhodes which already has two movies under it's belt, three in pre-production and two currently doing the rounds for funding."

Editing has now began on Death Walks, but no sooner has the film wrapped than the movie is about to become a franchise, Spencer is in serious talks to make Death Walks 2, and several of the cast are keen to reprise their roles. He promises the story will be a million light years from Death Walks "If you make a zombie movie, you have to be different, people will be both impressed and annoyed by Death Walks, but all will undoubtably agree there has NEVER been a movie like Death Walks, hence how I was able to bring current and legendary talent aboard."

Death Walks is due to complete editing in February in time for submission to the global festival circuit.

Spencer Hawken ad Lucinda Rhodes begin work on "No Reasons" next week, "Road Rage" in the Spring, and "Godfathers Of London" in the Summer.

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