Wednesday 1 February 2012

Snowtown comes to UK DVD

Revolver Entertainment is pleased to announce the Monday 19th March UK Blu-Ray & DVD release of Snowtown – one of the most gripping, harrowing and disturbing films ever to come out of Australia.

From first-time director Justin Kurzel, Snowtown marks the arrival of a major new filmmaking talent. A nail-biting, emotionally compelling and a psychologically devastating account of real-life murders, Snowtown documents the true-story of John Bunting - Australia’s most notorious serial killer.

Set in Adelaide, Southern Australia during the late 1990s, Bunting rallies against a nonchalant police force where paedophiles and drug addicts are free to roam the streets. Bunting takes on the role as an unsolicited vigilante for the under-classes by taking the law into his own hands and sets off on a killing spree.

Currently serving eleven consecutive sentences of life imprisonment, Bunting was the ringleader of what is described as a "degenerate sub-culture" of murderers. His crimes led to the longest and most expensive investigation and criminal trials in Australia's history. Bunting's targets consisted primarily of people he knew and thought to be paedophiles and homosexuals.  He has been described as a skilled manipulator of people and "Australia's worst serial killer".

With an outstanding cast, made-up almost completely of newcomers, Snowtown has mesmerised viewers and critics alike. The film was honoured with the prestigious Adelaide Film Festival’s Audience Award, was given the President’s Special Mention at Cannes, and was officially selected for the 2011 London Film Festival.

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