Thursday 2 February 2012

Hostel Part 3 - Out Now on UK DVD and Blu-ray

The nice folks at Sony Home Pictures entertainment were kind enough to send me a review copy of "Hostel Part 3" to take a look at, which recently hit UK video shelves. Picking up sometime after part 2, a group of teens on a stag weekend in Las Vegas are busy partying hard, when they get invited to an exclusive off-strip party.

When one of them fails to turn up back at the hotel next day, the others go looking for him, only to fall prey to the notorious Elite Hunting Club, which has just relocated to Las Vegas. It seems they have their own high stakes gambling games and the group have just become unwitting players in them. As  Sin City prepares to get a lot more sinful.

Directed by Scott Speigel (Intruder, From Dusk till Dawn Part 2), this direct to disc feature follows in the bloody footsteps of Eli Roth's earlier films. It is perhaps not as gory or visceral as its predecessors, and I'm kind-of surprised they choose the direct-to-video route, as I would rather they have upped the budget and get Eli Roth back to direct. But it is never-the-less a respectable follow up which fans should enjoy.

The film is available now on DVD and Blu-ray with an audio commentary track, featuring director Scott Speigal and star Kip Pardue, as an extra.

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