Thursday 14 October 2021

Horror novel FAMULI CANI - available now from Amazon

Author Alan Golbourn recently got in contact to tell us about his new horror novel, FAMULI CANI, which is currently available from Amazon.

From the press release...

When best friends David and John are made redundant, they decide to go away with another close friend, Grant, to David's Uncle's farm up in Scotland, in the Rothiemurchus Forest. David soon learns of strange and terrible things happening on the farm, where some of the animals are found mysteriously mutilated and slaughtered.

David's Uncle also informs them of other starnge phenomena, including whispers in the wind and a strange, constant sensation of being watching by someone, or something.  Driven by concern for his Aunt and Uncle and fueled by curiousity, David is determined to travel up North, against his Uncle's wishes.

Things soon start to happen even before David and his friends set off as they are targetted by frightening and inexplicable events and messages warning them to stay away, so that one friend is too scared to go, leaving only two to make the long distance drive. Despite more frightening and unimaginable things happening on their way up to the Highlands, the two friends, now fearing for their lives, remain determined to reach the farm

With their minds racing with all sorts of theories, they will soon face an unparalled horror, with pure evil awaiting them and an old Scottish folklore proving to be terrifyingly true.

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