Wednesday 9 July 2014

Neil Marshall Presents "Soulmate".

Coming to UK DVD this August. After suffering a personal tragedy, Audrey retreats to an isolated country cottage to hide from the world. But as terrifying visions begin to haunt every corner, she soon fnds out that she is not alone. As Audrey seeks to unlock the mystery surrounding the home’s ghostly owner she must also decide - is he friend or foe?

Presented by Neil Marshall (The Descent, Dog Soldiers), "SOULMATE" stars Anna Walton (Hellboy II: The Golden Army) and Tom Wisdom (300), and is the debut feature from actress turned director Axelle Carolyn.

Axelle Carolyn began her flm career starring in horror and action flms, and is known for her roles in DOOMSDAY (2008) and CENTURION (2010). In 2010 she embarked on her screenwriting career, debuting with the supernatural thriller GHOST OF SLAUGHTERFORD. Since then she has directed three short flms and SOULMATE is her frst full feature.

•Commentary by Axelle Carolyn and Neil Marshall
•Firghtfest interviews with Axelle Carolyn, Neil Marshall and Anna Walton
•Two short flms by Axelle Carolyn, The Last Post and The Halloween Kid
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