Tuesday 15 July 2014

Interview with the Bunnyman - Joshua Lang

The Bunnyman himself Joshua Lang ‘hopped’ over to chat about the second in Carl Lindbergh’s horrifically humorous and bloody brilliant Bunnyman movies.

How hot is that dang suit? For some reason you always seem to be shooting these movies during the summer.

The suit itself isn't that bad but the killer is that helmet, recycling a lot of your own air just like sticking your head under sheets. It gets hot real quick long takes are very difficult, as well the physical scenes where Bunyan dies a lot of Action. But you have to embrace the suck, make it happen.

If you could have Bunnyman star in a “Vs.” movie, who would you want to see him take on?

Okay that's a f****** awesome question….Bunnyman vs the Leprechaun. I know that I can definitely picture that one coming out. I wonder who has bigger anger issues?
“Bunnyman 2” (released as "Bunnyman Massacre" in the US and "Bunnyman Ressurection" in the UK) is said to be bloodier than the original. Was that the intention?

Most definitely we tried hard to make it bigger and better movie. Where the big difference is you're fine bunnyman Massacre is that during the first film we realize that the bad guys were more interesting characters. So and Bunnymen master you find majority of the time we spend with bunnyman and his good friend Joe as they terrorize people along the countryside.

I believe you wear more hats on this movie than simply playing the lead role?

I'm a filmmaker first I definitely had my hands full fixing issues and putting out fires as they rise. The Bunnyman productions are usually pretty interesting and there's lots of behind-the-scenes craziness.

And I'm usually on standby for any questions or problems that may need to be solved I'm usually quick with the ideas.

Is acting the first love?
Acting is definitely what got me into this industry. I started off with high school theatre moving on to do in college theatre and even did some theatre when I was stationed in Germany during my tour with the United States Army. My first real job was at Six Flags marine world, I scored a role to become a part of Alice Cooper brutal Planet theme haunted house. I played a character who had recently escaped from mental institution, lip sing two Alice Cooper songs before being sacrificed by getting my head chopped off by 10 foot guillotine all to entertain the queue line for the haunted house. After acting however, Photography a big hobby during my time in the service. So after my tour it only seemed logical to pursue film.

Have you a favorite slasher movie?
The Friday the 13th films were really really scary but I believe a Nightmare on Elm Street is my favorite. I just love the performances in the character that Robert England brings. It's something about the humor with the character that really brings out the best in being bad.

Is Carl Lindbergh an ‘actor’s director’? Is he Ok with improvisation?

I do a lot of improvisation and encourage other actors that work with Carl to do so. if he likes what you do he will tell you to keep it. Sometimes he doesn't like something I do, and he will definitely let you know. I love the fact I have the ability to get into the role, it is a fun character to play.
"Bunnyman 2" hits DVD in the U.S this August under the title "Bunnyman Massacre".
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The film will be released in the UK in July under the title "Bunnyman Ressurection".
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