Sunday 6 July 2014

"Bunnyman 2" - New Images

OK, for those of you who remember the 2011 campy slasher film "Bunnyman", which was retitled as "Bunnyman Massacre" here in the UK, they've just made a sequel. However, they've decided to call the sequel "Bunnyman Massacre" in the US, just to confuse everyone. So this is going to be retitled "Bunnyman Ressurection" here.
Now that explanation is out of the way, Midnight releasing, who are handling the US distribution, have just released 5 new images from the film to promote its forthcoming DVD and VOD release in the States. Check them out below...
The film will be released in the US August 12th from Midnight releasing.
Buy the US DVD from
UK horror fans will get the chance to see this before then, as it's being released here July 14th by Point Blank, under the title "Bunnyman Ressurection".
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