Thursday 11 October 2012

The Thompsons - UK DVD review

Lionsgate where nice enough to send me a copy of their new vampire film “The Thomspons” to review which is out on disc later this month.
The film is a sequel of sorts to the 2006 film “The Hamiltons”, which sees the titular family from that relocating to England and taking on new identities after being forced to flee the US, following a rather messy incident at a roadside diner.
Looking for a long fabled vampire clan rumoured to exist somewhere in the English countryside, one of them stumbles upon the quintessentially English village of Ludlow, only to find the picturesque village is actually harbouring a dark secret that might prove to be the death of them all.
Whilst the film is technically a follow up, utilising the characters created in “The Hamiltons”, plotwise its pretty much a stand alone movie as it doesn’t bring too much baggage across from the earlier film.
The film is a little on the slow side and is not exactly what I would call an action movie, but is quite enjoyable and brings a few interesting twists to vampire lore, and in many ways has a kind of “Hammer films” vibe to it.
Extras wise, the disc comes with 6x behind the scenes, making of features, which include interviews with the cast and crew, plus there’s a stack of bonus trailers for other features which play at the start of the disc.
If you liked The Hamiltons, then you should also enjoy this, as should general vampire movie fans.
The film is released to UK DVD from Lionsgate on October 15th.
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