Tuesday 16 October 2012

Cockney's Vs Zombies - UK DVD/Blu-Ray review

The nice folks at Studio Canal have been rather generous of late sending me discs to review, so here's another one for you, "Cockneys Vs Zombies", which hits UK video shelves on DVD and Blu-Ray later this month.
When a group of builders unearth an ancient tomb on their construction site, it unleashes a zombie plague on the East End of London. Unawhere of what's going on around them, a group of incompetant bank robbers (including former EastEnders actress Michelle Ryan) are attempting to pull of a heist at their local branch, only to discover the neighbourhood being descimated by a zombie invasion when they emerge with their loot.
Taking off in their getaway van, they find the undead are on the march throughout the whole of the East end, and the authorities have sealed the area off. But with their grandparents trapped in the nearby old folks home, the group decide rather than lay low, to grab their weapons, tool up and go rescue them, producing a series of slapstick, not to mention exceptionally gory, running battles.
Directed by Matthius Hoene (Beyond the Rave) and featuring a stellar British cast including Alan Ford (Lock Stock, The Sweeney), Honor Blackman (Bridget Jones, TVs The Avengers - no not THAT version), Dudley Sutton (The Devils, TVs Lovejoy) and Richard Briers (TVs The Good Life and various films), this is without doubt the funniest damn zombie movie I've seen in ages.
Seeing all these elderly veteran British actors shooting zombies in the head with automatic weapons and pump-action shotguns really just has to be seen to be beleived and the scene where they're chasing Richard Briers with his zimmerframe round the back garden was so damn silly I almost cried laughing.
Whilst the film is bound to draw obvious comparisons with "Shaun of the Dead", you really need to try and forget that and view this on its own merits as it really has nothing in common with that. There's some hilarious politically incorrect humour, and a few in-jokes that zombie film fans should get and overall is bloody good fun. So if you enjoyed "Shaun of the Dead" or "Doghouse", I would definately recommend checking this out.
The film is released to UK DVD and Blu-Ray October 22nd by Studio Canal. Extras on the discs include 7x Behind the Scenes/Making of Features, a "Zombie School" instructional video, which was originally produced to show the extras how to move on camera and the original theatrical trailer!
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