Tuesday 24 August 2021

Festive slasher ONE CHRISTMAS NIGHT IN A TOY STORE launches Indiegogo campaign

In what’s guaranteed to be a festive slay ride, the makers of cult slasher movies Once Upon a Time at Christmas and The Nights Before Christmas are returning with their most bloodthirsty and murderous instalment yet. Fan favourites Santa and Mrs Claus are back with a vengeance and ready to dispatch their victims in a variety of inventive ways in ONE CHRISTMAS NIGHT IN A TOY STORE.

Dystopian Films have just launched an Indiegogo campaign for the movie with a huge variety of pledge levels and rewards available for horror fans who want to get involved and bring Santa and Mrs Claus back together for their final, explosive instalment of this Christmas Horror trilogy.

The previous films saw the deeply in love but psychotic couple meet in an asylum for the criminally insane, which they promptly burned down whilst killing everyone. They then toyed with the police and FBI as they wreaked havoc across New York State over the 12 days of Christmas, working their way through their special naughty list and leaving a trail of dismembered victims in their wake. 

Now, the chase is over as the killers let authorities know exactly where they are on Christmas Eve: fortified inside an enormous toy store with dozens of festive shoppers held as hostages! As the FBI lock the building down and try to negotiate, Mr and Mrs Claus seem to have everything under control. But they haven’t counted on an off-duty cop being amongst the hostages and doing her best to thwart the crazed pair from fulfilling their real plan while saving as many lives as possible.

Christmas Eve sees the start of the holidays and Eddie Ford begrudgingly retiring from the FBI, having missed his opportunity to catch America's most wanted serial killers; Mr and Mrs Claus. His farewell speech is interrupted by breaking news; a hostage situation is developing in a children's toy store, with shoppers held by a man and a woman dressed as Santa and Mrs Claus. Luckily, inside the store is Eddie’s cop daughter Ruby, now the hostages only hope of seeing Christmas day alive.

Once Upon a Time at Christmas kept audiences terrified through its festival screenings and release while The Nights Before Christmas revealed how Santa and Mrs Claus met, with bigger and more extravagant kills. It ended its festival run closing the prestigious London Frightfest Festival in 2020. One Christmas Night in a Toy Store will round off the crazed lovebirds’ story with the biggest, bloodiest story possible, racking up more kills than ever before!

Producer Ken Bressers said: “We’re excited to launch this Indiegogo campaign to help bring One Christmas Night in a Toy Store to the screen. Santa and Mrs Claus have quickly become firm favourites with horror fans and this is a great way for people to get involved with the project and support real independent film.”

For more info and to donate, visit the film's Indiegogo page.


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