Tuesday 24 August 2021

Darkly fun NIGHT DRIVE - On Digital 11 October

Buckle up for a wild ride in NIGHT DRIVE, you don’t know where it will take you. This slick, full throttle sci-fi thriller premieres at FrightFest this August and screens at GrimmFest ahead of its UK digital release on 11 October from 101 Films.

Los Angeles cab driver Russell (AJ Bowen -You're Next, Synchronicity), is having a tough time; his life has taken a few wrong turns, things haven’t gone to plan and he’s not in a good place. But a chance pick-up of an unfathomable passenger could be about to change everything.

When Charlotte (Sophie Dalah - Unbroken, Dead Night) gets in his car, what starts out as a normal fare quickly takes a dark turn and spins Russell’s world on its head. And then things get even weirder and deadlier, and there’s shocks and splatters galore.

Who’s really in the driver’s seat and who will make it through the night drive?

Get ready for a surge of excitement in this edge of seat thriller with a twist in its tailgate.

NIGHT DRIVE is released to UK Digital outlets 11 October.


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