Saturday 29 May 2021

ARROW streaming - Premiering instant cult classics and addictive TV this June...

Key highlights this JUNE on the essential, alternative streaming service ARROW include the exclusive premiere of festival favourite DINNER IN AMERICA, a season of poliziotteschi must-sees in YEARS OF LEAD, dystopia down under in THE QUIET EARTH plus a host of other sci-fi classics, and Japanese cult monster movies in the Daimajin Trilogy; as well Borgen Seasons 1 to 3, a Duke Mitchell double, Rohmer, and so much more... 

In DINNER IN AMERICA, Welcome to the Dollhouse collides with Napoleon Dynamite, with a touch of Heathers, in this hilarious, quirky DIY love letter to being authentically yourself, finding your voice, and being punk AF. Produced by Ben Stiller, directed by Adam Rehemier (The Bunny Game), and featuring a “a knockout lead performance by Kyle Gallner” (Variety), this is a feisty and fresh cult classic in the making premiering exclusively on ARROW

In June ARROW is showcasing a killer collection of short films, supported and handpicked by the team behind ARROW favourite THE STYLIST. This collection celebrates and supports female filmmakers working on both sides of the camera within the horror film industry,  with titles including the unnerving UNSAFE SPACES  by Connor Sandehinrich, and Tristan Risk’s stylish REPTILE HOUSE, that riffs on The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Also in June, you can take a deep dive into some sensationally gripping TV shows, including three seasons of the political drama BORGEN. From the makers of The Killing, the series is centred around the increasingly tangled life of Birgitte Nyborg, Denmark’s Prime Minister; and SPRING TIDE Season 2, starring Julia Ragnarsson (Midsommar, Wallander), the brilliant murder mystery series about two killings that might be connected, that draws you in and won’t let go.

The YEARS OF LEAD collection features a series of brutal 1970s Italian crime thrillers tapping into the atmosphere of violence and instability that defined the era, including Colt 38 Special Squad, Like Rabid Dogs, Savage Three, Highway Racer, No, and The Case Is Happily Resolved.

Tying in with the screening of New Zealand cult classic THE QUIET EARTH, there’s a season of dystopian sci-fi, It’s The End of The World As We Know It, packed with biker wars, special agents, zombie hordes, deadly duels, deserted lands, space adventures, and punk bands, with films including Xtro 3, Burst City, and The Crazies

Remarkably overlooked in the West, Japanese THE DAIMAJIN TRILOGY comprises three thrilling tales of feudal oppression and divine retribution, meted out by the iconic stone warrior of the title, combining lavish period detail with jaw-dropping special effects.

ALSO SHOWING: A no-holds-barred Duke Mitchell double bill, a selection chosen by DINNER IN AMERICA director Adam Rehmeier, Eric Rohmer gems, the Murders & Acquisitions season, looking at the cutthroat corporate world onscreen, and much more...


New Titles – From June 1
Return of Daimajin
Wrath of Daimajin
The Quiet Earth
Xtro 3
Dinner in America

New Titles – From June 4
Inspector Nardone (TV series)

New Titles – From June 6
Spring Tide Season 2, Eps 1&2  (TV series) 

New Titles – From June 7
Gone With the Pope
Massacre Mafia Style
Alchemia  (Short film)
Reptile House  (Short film)
Attention  (Short film)
Unsafe Spaces  (Short film)
Bedbug (Short film)
Ticks  (Short film)
Bloodhound (Short film)
The Curse  (Short film)
New Titles – From June 11
Inspector De Luca (TV series)
Fog and Crimes (TV series)
The Legend of the Stardust Brothers 

New Titles – From June 13
Spring Tide Season 2, Eps 3&4  (TV series) 

New Titles – From June 14
Number 37
Inflatable Sex Doll of the Wastelands
Gushing Prayer
Abnormal Family
Blue Film Woman
Underwater Love
Women Hell Song

New Titles – From June 18
Crimes of Passion (TV series)
Four Adventures of Reinette and Mirabelle

New Titles – From June 20
Spring Tide Season 2, Eps 5&6  (TV series) 

New Titles – From June 21
Colt 38
Special Squad
Like Rabid Dogs
No, the Case is Happily Resolved
Savage Three
Highway Racer
Anno 1790 (TV series)
The Drone

New Titles – From June 22
Borgen Seasons 1  (TV series)
Borgen Season 2  (TV series)
Borgen Season 3  (TV series) 

New Titles – From June 27
Spring Tide Season 2, Eps 7&8  (TV series) 

New Titles – From July 4
Spring Tide Season 2, Eps 9&10  (TV series)

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