Monday 11 March 2019


A group of American GIs battle Nazi-Zombies during WW2 in Julius Avery's OVERLORD , which is out now on UK Disc from Paramount Pictures.

Set against the backdrop of the Second World War, a group of American Paratroopers are flying in to occupied France to knock out a Nazi radio transmitter ahead of the D-Day landings in Normandy.

Unfortunately for them, they discover the SS outpost there is more than just a communications centre, and the doctors have been performing strange genetic experiments on the locals, hoping to create the ultimate nazi-supersoldiers.

Aided by one of the sympathetic locals, they aim to knock out the base, and take down the transmitter. If only they can work out a way of killing the nazi-zombies within, which presents them with the real challenge.

Starring Jovan Adepo (TV's The Leftovers, Jack Ryan), Overlord is fantastically gory, and packed full of action, which plays as a sort-of cross between "Band of Brothers" and "Re-Animator" and was one of my favourite films from 2018. It has everything a good horror film should have, action, violence, blood, gore and nazi-zombies, so what's not to love?

Extras on the BD and 4k UHD Discs include...

HORRORS OF WAR - A 6 part documentary on the making of the film, comprising of...

CREATION (11 mins) - Producer JJ Abrahams, Director Julius Avery and other members of the production discuss the origins of how the film came about
DEATH ABOVE (7 mins) - The special effects crew show how the opening scenes of the Dakotas carrying the paratroopers was filmed.
DEATH ON THE GROUND (9 mins) - The cast and crew discuss show how some of the more memorable death scenes were filmed.
DEATH BELOW (6 mins) - The cast and crew look at the zombie make up and how the scenes in the underground lab were filmed.
DEATH NO MORE (12mins) - The special effects team show how the end battle between the soldiers and zombies were filmed.
BROTHERS IN ARMS (5mins) - The cast and crew basically spend 5mins saying how brilliant director Julius Avery is.

Please note that the DVD release contains the CREATION and DEATH NO MORE features.

OVERLORD is out now on UK Disc. 

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