Friday 15 June 2018

TERRORTORY 2 - coming to Amazon Prime October

Kevin Kangas forthcoming TERRORTORY 2  will be hitting Amazon Prime this October. A sequel to TERRORTORY, which was one of the top 100 movies on all of Amazon during October 2016. 

Check out the poster below

The film stars Richard Cutting ("House of Cards"), Joe Cardamone ("Ice Cold Killers"), Chris O'Brocki ("Fear of Clowns 2"), M.T. Smith ("Terrortory"), Frederick Cowie ("Plan 9"), Philip Levine ("Fear of Clowns 2"), Neil Conway ("Bounty") and Josh Davidson ("Maladjusted"). 

TERRORTORY 2 will premiere in the US July or August, and then will debut for everyone for free for one month on Amazon Prime on October 1st. Look for a final trailer and probably an alternate poster in September.

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