Monday 8 May 2017

THE LIMEHOUSE GOLEM - UK trailer debut - in UK cinemas 1st Sept

Lionsgate UK have released the trailer for forthcoming "THE LIMEHOUSE GOLEM", which hits UK cinemas September 1st. Check it out below...

A serial killer stalks the Limehouse streets of Victorian London in 1880, the terrified population of this squalid district of the East End believe that the “Golem”, a monster from Judaic mythology, is responsible. Inspector Kildare of Scotland Yard is handed the impossible task of solving these heinous crimes and his investigations lead him on a race across the capital from The Old Bailey, to Newgate Prison, to the music halls of London and the British Museum. His chief suspects are music hall superstar Dan Leno, political agitator Karl Marx, writer and philosopher George Gissing and journalist John Cree. Kildare believes that famed performer Little Lizzie Cree, who is almost certainly destined to hang for the poisoning of her husband, holds the key to the identity of the real Golem. Kildare must solve the case and in doing so, he believes he will save the life of Elizabeth Cree.

"THE LIMEHOUSE GOLEM" comes to UK cinemas September 1st.

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