Saturday 20 May 2017

First images released from "NECRONOMICON, The Book of Hell"

The first images of upcoming argentinian film "NECRONOMICON, The Book of Hell" have been released (see below).

 The universe of H.P. Lovecraft has been recreated in the Argentinian film industry for the very first time. Marcelo Schapces is the director behind “Necronomicon: The book of hell”, an ambitious horror film; where part of the action and atmosphere also takes place at the National Library of Buenos Aires, supposedly – as Lovecraft wrote – a location where one of the three copies of the NECRONOMICON is hidden.

The first footage of this project will be screened at the Cannes Film Festival, as “Necronomicon” is part of the Blood Window´s galas, which features a selection of horror and genre´s top-projects from Latin America. A teaser and WIP footage will be shown in the event called “Upcoming Fantastic Films”, on May 20th.

“Necronomicon” was shot in a five weeks period on location on Buenos Aires, alongside a wide range of special effects, creature makeup and VFX scenes.

The film is currently in post-production. The digital effects are been developed by Nuts Media.  They have the mission to bring to life the characters created by the artist Salvador Sanz, one of the most respected comic book creators from Argentina ("The Skeleton", "Legion", among others) who has designed the numerous creatures from the underworld as well as the semi-human figures known as “The Others”.

For centuries, Dieter, a man without age, has been guarding the infernal book NECRONOMICON, to keep it locked and to prevent its evil conjures to summon the dark abyss from taking over humanity and earth. However, a copy of the book lies well-hidden in the National Library of Buenos Aires. The mysterious death of Dieter leads Luis, a simple librarian, to confront the forces that lurk the NECRONOMICON. In a city that’s corroded by apocalyptic climate, a man faces the forces of darkness.

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